Inside Out: Interior Design Tips For Creating A Welcoming Front Porch

15 August 2022
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If you are looking for an easy way to maximize the living space in your home, head out to the front porch. Using a few home interior design tips can transform your plain front porch into a welcoming space and give you more room for relaxation or entertaining. A well-decorated front porch will lure guests in and make them feel welcome, and will act as a preview for what to expect in the interior of your home.

Stick with a simple palette

Painting your porch in one colour to match your house will help you create a soothing look. For instance, if the exterior of your home is white, painting the porch white along with window shutters and window boxes will eliminate distraction and create a peaceful look. This gives you more flexibility in choosing accents for your porch because you are working with a clean backdrop.

Close in the sides of the porch

To increase the coziness factor of your front porch and add privacy, consider installing lattice panels or outdoor curtains on each end of the porch to close it in. Lattice panels are best suited for a coastal or country-themed home. Outdoor drapes are perfect for adding a little farmhouse or cottage charm to your front porch.

Furnish it well

Choose furniture for your porch like you would for the interior of your home. Stick with the comfort-first rule to make your porch a welcoming retreat for entertaining or relaxing. Arrange your furniture in a circular pattern to create a cozy grouping for conversing with friends and family.

Add ambiance

Lanterns should be a part of every front porch and can be useful for providing ambient light at night. Stagger the height of the lanterns for the best results. Place larger lanterns on the floor and small lanterns on a tabletop. Use hooks to hang medium-sized lanterns on a porch wall or near the ceiling.

Consider faux plants

Live plants are a great addition to any front porch but can be messy when they drop leaves and flowers. Today's faux plants look nearly as nice as the real ones and are a maintenance-free option that will bring nature to your front porch without the work. Place plants in terra cotta planters or woven baskets to enhance their natural look.

Front porches have long been associated with summer days and time spent porch-sitting with neighbours. As life became busier for people, time spent on the front porch lessened. Fortunately, with the desire for a simpler lifestyle growing in popularity, the front porch is once again getting the attention it deserves in interior design.